International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Education


27-29 May 2016

Zagreb - Croatia


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Conference Presentations


A Case Study Examining How the Use of a Module-Specific Hashtag Can Enhance Student Engagement among Journalism Undergraduates

Tom Bradshaw


A Theoretical Analysis of the Gezi Resistance: Implications for Political Communication of New Social Movements

Mine Yetkin, Ali Şimsek


Analysis of Gamification of Education

Emel Koç Avşar


Big Social Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications on Society

Devakunchari R, Valliyammai C


Child Media in Terms of Child and Parent

Sanem Bengü Uygunkan


Correlated-Features Sequence and Cognitive Strategy Education Based on Direct Instruction Model in Math Skills of Students with Special Needs

Ulviye Şener Akın, Banu Altunay Arslantekin


Cost-Effective and Scalable Image Matching Across Heterogeneous Online Social Networks

Devakunchari R, Valliyammai C


Devaluation of Workers’ Lives in the Neo-Liberal Order and the Reflections on the Media

Mine KarakuşYetkin, Filiz Goktuna Yaylacı


Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Model in Acquisition and Maintenance of Geometric Shape Concepts for Students with Visual Impairment

Banu Altunay Arslantekin, Ulviye Şener Akın


EFL Learners’ Preferences for Feedback Types for their Written Products

Ümran Üstünbaş, Sevda Çimen


Examination of Comedy through a Television Serial: Case of “Çocuklar Duymasın”

ÖzlemTören, Bahire Efe Özad


Female Hairdresser-Client Communication: What They Talk and What Secret They Share in Barber Armchairs!

Rüçhan Gökdağ, Nasıf Ali Ünügür


Generation Z's Motivations for Following Brands on Facebook Brand Fan Pages: A Focus Group Study

Gülçin İpek Emeksiz


Human Activity Recognition Based on 2D Texture Signal Pattern Analysis

Sathiya P, Anandha Kumar P


Immersed In Difficulty: The Problem of Suspension of Disbelief in Transmedia and VR Experiences

James Dalby


Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Mauritian Youth: A Study of Their Life Styles and its Effectiveness in Nation Building

Krishna Kumar


In Search of a Scapegoat: The Global Corporate Blame Game

İnci Çınarlı


Insta-Shopping of Turkish Fashion

Umut Ayman, Anıl Kemal Kaya


Is Psychological Capital a Form of Emotional Intelligence? A Research On University Students

Eylem Şimşek, Hakkı Aktaş


Location Sharing Motivations of University Students

Kemal Elciyar


Match-Making Programs in Turkish Tv Channels

Pembe Tölük, Bahire Efe Özad


Mediated Digital Activism: A Critical Assessment of Opportunities, Promises and Problems of Social Media Uses in Contemporary Grassroots Movements

Baruck Opiyo, Ülfet Kutoğlu Kuruç


Newspapers vs. Tv: Who is Taking the Most Advantage of the www?

Robert Bergland, Abby Bonwell, Sarika Gongalla, Sunny Medapati, Heather Heater


Old Media, New Media: Rethinking Media Influence Theories

Heba Gamal Eldin Abdeen


Origami Mathematics

Colin Graham


Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Data and Graphs Knowledge

Sevim Sevgi


Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Prospective Teachers

Fulya Öner Armağan, Sevim Sevgi, Gülsüm Gök


Social Media in Turkish Cypriot Society: Power, Surveillance and the Monitoring Culture

Raziye Nevzat


Students’ Perception about Teachers’ Nonverbal Immediacy Behavior: A Case of Communication Sciences Faculty

Mestan Küçük


The Effect of Worksheets which were Designed Based on Constructivist Learning on the Academic Achievement of 6th Grades at the Unit of Particle Structure of Matter

Sevcan Avcı Daş, Fulya Öner Armağan


The Flipped Classroom in Mass Communication Education, Using Lynda.Com

Robert Kalwinsky, Matthew Binford


Three Biggest Turkish Football Team's Use of New Media - A Case Study of Facebook and Instagram

Anıl Kemal Kaya, Umut Ayman


The New Internet Discourse of Healthcare in Turkish Hospitals’ Social Media Pages

Elgiz Yılmaz


The Examination of Teacher Views about Various Factors Related to Applicability of the Multiple Intelligence Theory in Primary Schools

Cemil İnan, Serdar Erkuş


The Importance of Using Metaphors in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Yasin Aslan


Understandings and Tendencies of Edutainment in Turkey: An Evaluation Based on Neil Postman’s Criticism on Education, Entertainment and Technology

Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı, Ali Faruk Yaylacı


Understanding Smartphone Apps Usage among Young Adults in India

Saumya Pant, Anita Basalingappa


Usage of Cell Phones by Children: A Qualitative Research in Turkey

Banu Karsak


Water Usage Awareness of Middle School Students

Bülent Aydoğdu, Aysun Çakır


What is Public Relations? An Analysis of Turkish Public Relations Job Advertisements Discourses

Gaye Aslı Sancar    


Why and How Do University Students Use Facebook in Interpersonal Communications?

Ali Şimsek, Fahme Dabaj, Eylem Şimsek


You’ve been Followed: How Public Libraries Use Twitter to Engage Their Patrons

Stanislav Orlov, Alla Kushniryk